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Drentech™ SilverLine

SilverLine is Redax new digital vacuum unit, designed to continuously improve patient’s recovery, together with an effective user-experience for the hospital staff.

This portable vacuum unit can be used in combination with 3 different disposables: Simply (1200ml of capacity), miniSimply (400ml of capacity), Simple Silver (2000ml of capacity) and two different bilume patient tube allowing a direct intrapleural pressure measurement.

Silverline is designed with a high-performance pump which applies suction from 0 to -60 cmH2O (0 to -6kPa). The unit also registers and displays real-time drainage data such as air and liquid leakage of the patient and thoracic intrapleural pressure; moreover with a dedicated application, all the stored data are centralized and always available on a mobile device. Graphs with historical data are automatically generated.

Stably standing on the floor ensures safe drainage and retro illuminated OLED display enhances visibility during day and night shifts.



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