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Percutaneous drainage set UNICO™

Drentech UNICO™ J

a percutaneous catheter that owns all the unmatched features of UNICO, that now can be positioned through a simplified Seldinger technique. A small entry needle has been included in the kit to make the system even safer and usable by any type of user. Moreover the polyurethane catheter is inserted using a dedicated Verres needle wich ensures support and a one-step dilation.
A new UNICO MULTI-J version has been developed to guarantee superior drainage capacity and less tissue trauma.  The pigtail tip is provided with 5 bigger inner drainage holes to prevent irritation of surrounding tissues and occlusion of the catheter.

UNICO standard-J and UNICO multi-J are available in three different diameters 9, 12 and 15 CH.





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