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Drentech™chest drains

Drentech™ Simply

Hybrid single bottle drainage system

• Fast set-up aiming an easier drain management
• Reduce risk of cross-contamination
• Suitable for adult and paediatric use
• All-time clear visibility of air leakage


The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which leads to COVID-19, has been demonstrated to remain viable in aerosol form and is transmitted by droplets.

When air leaks into a chest drain bottle, it causes the fluid inside to bubble. Given the aerosolization that is likely to occur inside the drain bottle, which then escapes through the suction port or safety valve, this may be a potentially important mode of viral transmission.


NEW - Thoracic drainage protection filter (code 10557/10558)


• Anti-viral and bacterial filter with high filtration capacity (> 99.999%) guarantees environment and Staff protection


• Compatible with all Redax's two chambers systems during the gravity drainage




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